Moon calendar and calculation of auspicious days based on the principles of Vedic astrology Jyotish – the astrology of Ancient India.

Online radio with over 500 beautiful mantras to improve all areas of life. Collection of mantras with description, text and translation.
Detailed recommendations
for every day
Moon calendar
Calculations for 40 categories.
From gardening to starting a business
Auspicious days
Taking your personal astrological factors into account within calculations
Personal calculations
An effective way of improving all areas of your life
Over 500 beautiful mantras
Find out your favorable and unfavorable periods for each day
Astrological periods
+ part of the income
we send to animal charities
Made with Love
Finding Love and Family Happiness
Development of Feminine Qualities
Spiritual Awakening
•Career and Finance
•Obtaining a Divine Child
•Protecting Your Child
•Learning Success

+ much more
Mantras for:
Haircut and Manicure Calendar
•Starting a Project or Business
•Large Purchase
•Wedding, Conceiving a Child
•Moving to a New House
•Start of Treatment, Surgery
•Gardening Calendar

+ much more
Calculation of auspicious days:
•Daily wise quotes
•Calculation of Ekadashi days
•Calculation of New Moon, Full Moon, Eclipses
•Description, text and meaning of mantras
•Regular updates with new features
+ much more
Download Navamsha

Download Navamsha

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